300 of 3FT Micro USB Fast Charging Cables

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Color: mix (White and black)
Length: 1 Meter
Material: Durable TPE Plastic that can stand the bends of time and handling.

Charging Technology: "Fast Charge" or "Rapid Charge" - Fast Charging or Rapid Charging Technology compatible only with the appropriate fast-charging adapter (9-10 Volts aka 1.67A or higher) - if you are using a cheap, less powerful adapter, the product will not fast charge. There is still adequate energy to charge your phone at a normal rate (2-4 Hours) without a strong adapter.

Compatibility: Works with all android cell phones, smart phones, and tablets, see list below. Please remember these are OEM Quality, we do not associate ourselves with the manufacturer.

Galaxy Tab 2 Users: Your Charger is not compatible with these cables.

Factory-Direct Sourced and manufactured to the OEM Specifications. You can be sure to enjoy these cables to their highest performances and with their fantastic durability.

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