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Haiti agents
Every part of the agent program is designed to get you more involved in helping the country economy, merchants, buyers, the environment in the country, and making Haiti a cleaner place by preventing too many people on the street and the Haiti open marketplace. Earn $50, Haiti agents must sign-up at least 50 merchants or more. 

Multi-Level Referral Program (Haiti/US)
When you refer your friends or someone to Machesounet, you can earn a 15% commission for everything that they purchase on Machesounet. 

10 lever agent system:
If you refer an agent you'll receive 3% commission of anyone they referred to purchase on Machesounet.
You can get up to 1% commission from anyone referred by your downline agents to purchase on Machesounet ( up to 10 level downline agents)

Not bad eh? Start referring today. Go to your agent account to start sharing your agent link to your friends under My Account menu.



Haiti agent must sign-up 50 merchants, the merchant store must be completed and have products 

- To get paid the $50 and earn points for staying involved


You'll share some of our social posts to help educate your friends and followers about the sustainability of this marketplace

- earn points for doing so


Set personal sustainability goals, measure your progress, and encourage others

- earn rewards for improving every month



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