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  • 17 Jun 2020

Port-au-Prince, June 8, 2020.- The Ministry of the Interior and Local Authorities (MICT) reassures the communities and professionals concerned, in particular, of the successful steps towards the integration of executives in the future. build up the Civil Engineers and Architecture Corps (CICA). This ministry informs that the appointment process of the 98 professionals selected to integrate the public service in the framework of the state modernization program and to build the CICA has been completed. Those who will receive their letter of appointment soon, are also invited to visit the Department by a group of 5, starting Wednesday, June 10, to complete the necessary formalities for their assignment.

The Ministry of Interior and Local Authorities is pleased to see this process started on competition in November 2018. It welcomes the tenacity of the 98 successful engineers and architects selected out of the 400 candidates for the CICA,

who has successfully completed the training course to empower them to integrate this new structure?

The engineers and architects of the CICA will have a co-ordinator and will have to act for the first part at the Civil Protection Branch (CPD), the Local Authorities (DCT), and the Planning Studies Branch and Follow-up (LIFO) of the ministry. In addition, a second part of the staff will work directly with the municipalities throughout the territory, especially those

who have the most urgent needs in this area and have requested it.

Thus, the Corps of Civil Engineers and architects (CICA) will support the local authorities and will guide the decisions of local and authorizing officials, on the building, building permits, urban planning, cadastre, infrastructure development, and land planning. The MICT is counting on the skills, discipline, and integrity of the freshly's newly-held executives, to complete their mission and to serve their country in accordance with the law and in accordance with the wishes of the President of the Republic, SEM. Jovenel Moise who supports this program to contribute to sustainable local development in Haiti.



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