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How to add products?

  • 10 Jun 2020

Step 1) Login in

Step 2) Click vendor/Vendor penal >>Click Dashboard 

Step 3) Select your language

Step 4) Open the menu

Step 5) Click Catalog >> Click Product

Step 6) Click the blue + Symbol

Step 7) Add general product information

Product name: Enter your product title here

Description: Enter the product description here, (DO NOT COPY AND PASTE) Be very detail about the product information

Meta tag title: Enter the product meta tag title here (at least 55 - 60 characters) 

Meta tag description: Enter the product meta tag description here ( 150 to 160 characters) See meta articles in the blog section for more details about meta

Meta tag keywords: Enter your product meta keywords here ( As many as possible), use comma to separate the keywords

Product Tags: Enter product tag here, product tag help people to find you easier on the site

Step 8) Enter data information

Model: Enter the product model here (create one for a product that does not have a model number) important

SKU: Enter SKU number (this can be the same as the product model number) important

UPC: Enter UPC code if you have one, but optional

EAN: Enter EAN code is you have one, (optional)

JAN: Enter JAN number here (Optional)

ISBN: Enter ISBN number here (important if you are selling books)

MPN: Enter MPN number here (Optional)

Location: Enter the location of the product (City, States, or country where the product is shipping from)

Price: Enter your product price here

Tax class: Enter the tax class if you live in the US

Quantity: Enter the quantity product you have in-stock (important)

Minimum quantity: Enter the minimum number of your product requirements to place an order 

Subtract Stock: Select yes/no

Out of stock status: Select one of the options

Require shipping: select yes/no if the product required shipping

Date available: Select the date the product will be available 

Dimensions (L x W x H): Enter your product dimensions here

Length Class: Select the length class here

Weight: Enter the weight of your product here

Weight Class: Select your product weight class here

Status: Select product status (Very important) It must be enabled to be display

Sort Order: Enter the order of the product (from 0 and up)

Step 9) Product links

Manufacturer: Enter the name of the company that makes the product, the product brand

Categories: Select the category of your product by typing the name of the category (Important)

Filters: Select product filter if necessary  (Optional)

Stores: Do not change

Downloads: select download only if it is a downloadable product you are selling ( You must have already upload the file in the download section)

Related products: Select related product if have already added the product before

Step 10) Product attributes

Click the blue + symbol to add product attribute (see article in the blog section for more details) 

Step 11) Enter product option if it is a product that has options (Options must have already created in the options section)

Click on the option box to select the option you want to add >>> Click the blue + symbol to add more options

Step 12) Product or service recurring (only for service product where the customer has to pay monthly or yearly)

 First, you must have already created the plans in the recurring section. Click the blue + symbol to add a recurring plan

Step 13) Product discount

Click the blue + symbol to add product discount

Customer group: must stay on default

Quantity: Enter 1 (important)

Priority: Enter number 0-10 as a priority (optional)

Price: Enter the amount of the discount here

Date start: Select the date the discount will start

Date end: Enter the date the discount will end

Step 14) Product special

Click the blue + symbol to create a product specially

Customer group: Leave as the default

Priority: Enter 0 to 10 (optional)

Price: Enter the price of the special, remember this is not a discount (for example: if the product full price is $300, and the product special price is $250, then you will enter $250 in the price section) Important 

Date start: Select the date the special will start

Date end: Select the date the special will end

Step 15) Adding product images

To add images click the cart image as showing in the image below

Click the blue crayon symbol

You must create a folder before you can upload an image

Click the folder icon

Enter a folder name then click the blue + icon to create the folder

Now select folder to upload folder

To add more product images click the blue + icon  where it says Additional Images

Step 16) Product rewards

Enter 5 to 100 to give the customer a reward for buying your product. (Important: Add more than 100 rewards points can get you suspended)

Step 17) SEO URL

Only use if you understand SEO

Do not touch the product design

Step 18) Save your product

You are done. Just repeat the process to add more products.



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