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Creating a vendor account

  • 15 Jun 2020

Step 1) Click the vendor login or vendor on mobile devices

Step 2) New vendor click continue 

Step 3) Complete the vendor registration form

Enter your personal information

Display name: Display can be your store name or a name that you create

First name: Enter your first name

Last name: Enter your last name

E-mail: Enter a valid email address

Telephone: Enter your telephone number

Fax: optional

Company: Optional

Address: Enter your store address

Address 2: Optional

Store city: Enter the store city location

Store country: Enter the store country location

Store zone: Enter store Region or States

Store postcode: Optional

Password: Create a secured password

About: Enter a brief detail about your self

Image: Upload a headshot of your self or store logo

General Store Information

Store name: Enter your store name here

Store meta description: Enter your store meta descriptions, see this ( article to understand what meta description is

Store Description: Enter your store details here, this where you want to explain what your store is about

Store shipping policy: Enter your shipping policy here

Store return policy: Enter your store return policy here

Store Meta keywords: Enter a list of meta keywords for people to find you on search engine

Store date details

Store bank details: Optional, but this is the account for machesounet to send you payment made by credit cards

Store about: Optional

Map URL: Enter the map URL of your store ( You can go to google map to enter your store address to get map link)

Store TAX number: Only for US stores and it is also optional

Store Shipping charge: Enter the cost of shipping ( You will be able to customize this on your dashboard)

Store SEO URL: This should be your store name with no space

Payment details

Payment method: Select which payment method to get paid

Terms and policies: Read terms and policy and click the square box to agree to it

Click SUBMIT to finish

You are done.


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