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What is a product discount?

  • 08 Jun 2020

Product discount promotions are set on individual products and trigger when a shopper adds that product to their cart. There are currently four types of product discount promotions:

Buy one get one free (BOGOF): the shopper buys a product and receives an additional unit of that product for free.

Buy one get something else free (BOGSEF): the shopper buys a product and gets another product of the merchant's choosing for free

Buy (x units) of Product A, get (y units) of Product B for $ or % off per unit: the shopper buys two products, and receives a dollar amount or percentage off each unit product B (up to y units), based on a qualifying number of units of Product A

Apply a $ or % off to Product X: the shopper will receive the specified discount when they add the selected product to the cart



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