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Bombardopolis is a commune of the Mole-Saint-Nicolas Arrondissement
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  • 29 Jun 2020

Bombardopolis is a commune located in the hilly country of the Mole-Saint-Nicolas Arrondissement, in the Nord-Ouest department of Haiti.

Bombardopolis was founded in 1764 by German settlers with the support of the nearby Director of Môle, Mr. Fusée Aublet. A population of French Acadians and Germans who had been living in Louisiana had arrived in Môle-Saint-Nicolas; and the local government wished to separate those of German ancestry from the Acadians, judging the two cultures could not happily coexist. The new community was named after Fusée Aublet's German benefactor, Mr. de Bombarde, a wealthy financier and amateur naturalist.

During the colonial period, Bombardopolis was first a parish under the administration of the Quartier du Môle-Saint-Nicolas and then was elevated to canton status in 1797. Bombardopolis was made a commune of the Republic of Haiti in 1821, during the administration of President Jean-Pierre Boyer.

A small colony of Germans colonized St. Domingue, as Haiti was known then, in Bombardopolis. The government of Haiti (GOH) received them warmly and made them citizens when Haiti won independence from the French.

• In March 1794, the English of the Môle Saint-Nicolas station, under the orders of Lieutenant-Colonels Spencer and Markham, marched against the village, guided by Deneux and Charmilly, two white settlers. They were repulsed by 150 Germans who occupied the place and followed to the Mole. They lost 16 men killed and 36 prisoners. Charmy was hurt.

• In 1799, while Toussaint-Louverture's army was occupied fighting Rigaud at Grand-Goâve, at the beginning of the civil war, Golard, lieutenant-colonel of the 9th in garrison at Port-de-Paix, gathered the growers of Bombardopolis and came to besiege the Môle. Maurepas, who commanded it, resist.


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