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About Us


Machesounet is a ready-made platform for your marketplace. A multi-vendor marketplace focusing on Haiti to allow people to have access to online shopping and online selling. Our system accepts all types of credit cards and accepts cash on delivery. Start your own online store with the Machesounet marketplace now!

Shop for grocery anywhere in Haiti

Find products you love

Find 1,000's of productsfrom different departments in Haiti

At Home-delivery

Vendors in your town can deliver to home

Save time, money and maybe your life

Find exclusive deals on popular products — delivered to your front door!

How does it work?

Individual Vendor Store

All vendors will have their own shop page. They can add their slider on their shop page and share shop link to any social media or else. It will help to get more customers.

Step 1: Create a store

Step 2: Add products

Step 3: Customers order your products

Step 4: You ship or deliver the products

Step 5: Thank your customer for buying

You can accept money transfer or cash on delivery.

Benefits of Selling on Machesounet

  • No need to buy a domain name
  • No need to pay for a hosting company to host your e-commerce
  • No need to pay someone $5K or more to build it for you
  • Your product is accessible worldwide
  • Accept all form of payment
  • Cash on delivery
  • Low marketing cost
  •  Access to powerful tools
  • App on App Store and Google Play
  • Improve Haiti economic 
  • It keeps the money flowing in Haiti

Why us?

There is nothing like this on the net, we're the first one to provide this solution.

  •  Sell anything by using Machesounetsell & to buy
  •  Free Access to the already made easy platform
  •  Help Haiti and love ones in Haiti
  •  No Coding Knowledge to Manage our System.
  •  We Provide Support
  •  Very Easy to Customize your shop